The Best Way To Mass Upload Images In Google Sheets


If you need to easily mass upload images to Google Sheets you can do that with FileDrop.

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can add images in bulk in your Google Sheets. This can be either as links directly from Google Drive or insert them as images in cells.

Step 1

What we need to that is the FileDrop Google Sheets add-on. If you don’t have it, please install it. With this add on you can add images in bulk and  do a bit more than that.

Once the add on is installed I click Start now what I want to do is add images to a column. At the moment the addon does the insertion into columns.

Step 2

Go to Settings tab and click the option that you need. I have 3 options, and I am going to select the Don’t Add image option if I want to add images as links.

filedrop settings

If I want to insert the images into cells I am going to select that option.

Step 3

Add as links

Now I’m going to go to the Upload tab and choose my files. I already have a list of products photos. I’m going to select a few and upload them.

The images are now uploaded directly in Google Drive and the names will appear in my Sheet in the column I’ve selected from the selected cell down.

These are the names are linked directly to Google Drive, I can copy and use it somewhere else. Also, if I don’t want an image I can go over an image preview I can
either delete clicking the icon or copy directly using the copy icon.

If I delete it, it will disappear as well from my Google Sheet as well and it will be deleted from Google Drive.

Insert in cells

So that is the first option, the name of the images inserted in the cells. Now if I go back to Settings and I select the Image to Sell option, I go back to my upload area.

I click on the upload area so I can choose more files, the images are uploading again and the images are inserted into this
cells that’s it very easy and simple.

images to cells sheets

Other things you can do with DropFile is that you can see here history of your uploaded files so you can add them again if you want and you can even upload the images that are already saved in your Google Drive.


That was it, that is the easiest way to add images in bulk to your Google Sheets. I hope this helps you and you use File Drop.


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