How to Attach or Insert a PDF File to a Google Sheets Cell


Attaching or inserting files to your Google Sheets spredsheet cells automatically is easy with the right tools. You can do it manually by:

  1. go to Google Drive, click New, go to upload and select the file
  2. wait for the file to upload
  3. click to open the file
  4. click the share button
  5. click copy link button
  6. go back to your Google Sheets file and write the name of the file to the cell
  7. add the link to the name

If you have more than one file or you are doing this every day it takes a lot of time as there are many steps.

Although automatically inserting files in cells it’s not supported by default you can add this functionality with FileDrop, a free Google Sheets add-on.

FileDrop allows you to insert any type of file to your Google Sheets cells.

How to attach PDF File to a Google Sheets cell the easy way

Step 1

Install the FileDrop add-on and start it.

Step 2

Select the Google Sheet cell where you want to insert your file and then click on the upload area of FileDrop. You can also drag and drop files in the upload area.
Once you’ve selected the PDF file it will upload automatially to your Google Drive in the FileDrop folder created when you’ve installed the add-on.

The cell will have the PDF file name you’ve uploaded and it will be linked to the file in Google Drive.

That’s it, simple and easy.

Here is a quick video on how to attach a PDF file to a Google Sheets cell.

It works the same way with uploading PDF files in bulk or any other files.

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