How To Attach A File To Google Sheets In 3 Steps


Adding a file to Google Sheets is not the easiest task, you have to upload the file to Drive, click right on the file, click share, copy the link  and then add the link to the Sheets cell. Can this be done easier?

Yes, there is easy way to add files to your Google Sheets cells, it’s the FileDrop free Google Sheets Add-on. With it you can add upload files in your Google Drive and link them automatically in your cells directly from Google Sheets.

files to google drive upload

How to use:

Step 1

Install the FileDrop add-on and click to start it. The add-on will start in a few seconds and it will display as a sidebar with an upload area.

Step 2

Once started click on the cell where you want to have the file attached.

Step 3

Start by drag and drop files in the sidebar upload area or click on it to start browsing from your computer. Once the file is uploaded it will be automatically be added to your Google Drive and linked with the name in the cell you specified.

Video tutorial

Here is a full video on how to add files to Google Sheets with FileDrop.

Free vs. Pro Comparison

Free Pro
Upload 4 files at a time 100 files per upload
Up to 4Mb per file Up to 100Mb per file
Up to 100 files per month Unlimited Files
Add files from Drive
File history

The Pro version features includes:

  • large files upload up to 100Mb
  • add multiple files at once
  • add files that are already in your Google Drive
  • add more than 100 files per month


Adding files to your Google spreadsheets is very simple with the free FileDrop add-on. It saves a great amount of time and it’s really easy to use.



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